Health And Safety Measures


Health Record Requirements

To protect the well-being of children and staff, all children must be current with local governmental physical and immunization requirements prior to starting and have current, valid documentation of these on file. As children receive new vaccinations, parents/guardians must provide copies of all required documentation. Please try to schedule your child’s appointment for vaccinations later in the day. Children may not return to the Center the same day they receive a vaccination. Most vaccinations will not produce severe reactions; however, if a child was to have a reaction due to a vaccination, time is of the essence. Also, children tend to be tired or fussy after vaccinations and benefit from some TLC from their parents /guardians or another family member.

Daily Health Screening

Staff observe each child’s health upon arrival. A child who becomes ill while at Bright and Early Discoveries must be removed from the classroom in order to limit exposure of other children. We ask families to pick up within an hour from the phone call. If your child has a rash, suspected conjunctivitis or any other contagious illness he/she cannot return to school without a written note from a healthcare provider.
Symptoms for sending home may include but are not limited to:
For the health and well-being of your child and others, please do not bring your child to school if he/she:

You must inform the center if your child has a communicable disease so we can take the necessary precautions, including notification to other families and staff within the specified time-frame. Your child’s information will always be kept strictly confidential.

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