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Welcome to Bright & Early Discoveries Childcare Center, where our passion for education and commitment to developing and nurturing young minds create a warm, inclusive environment for children. Founded in 2016 as a home daycare, we’ve expanded our reach, providing families exceptional care and education at seven locations — three learning centers, one school-age program, and three home programs.
With three vibrant school-aged children — a spirited 4-year-old, a lively 9-year-old, and a newly turned 11-year-old — owner Jennifer LaMaina and her husband are deeply committed to this close-knit town. In our small community, interactions aren’t limited to family outings and school events; they extend to the sports fields, where we often cross paths with like-minded parents during tee-ball, baseball, and basketball games. The intertwining of our lives with those of other families becomes inevitable as they enroll their children in our program or reminisce about their youngsters passing through our care. Our presence is unmistakable, and it extends beyond the program as the family owns a few restaurants in the area, ensuring we remain firmly woven in our community.
One distinguishing factor that sets us apart is our genuine care for the families we serve. It’s not just a business for us; it’s personal. Our children actively participate in the program, breaking the mold of organizations where owners’ children might be distant or uninvolved. We’re not just present; we’re fully engaged.
Jennifer explains, “Our cultural background adds an extra layer of richness to our story, which revolves around family, community, and diversity. With a Haitian heritage that allows me to speak French and Creole fluently and a husband of Italian-Jewish descent, our family embraces diversity. This blending of cultures mirrors the inclusive atmosphere of our organization. We’re providers of high-quality care and education and integral community members, committed to fostering a warm, inclusive environment for all.”

A Creative, Nurturing Space Where Your Child Thrives

Each child has unique talents, interests, and untapped potential. Our childcare philosophy revolves around understanding that early experiences shape a bright future for continuous lifelong learning. Dedicated to creating a secure, engaging, and all-inclusive environment, we offer a safe space where children can confidently explore, discover, and enhance their skills.
A Creative, Nurturing Space Where Your Child Thrives
7+ Years Of Service You Can Count On

7+ Years Of Service You Can Count On

Since 2016, we’ve earned community trust through our unwavering commitment to childcare excellence. Trust played a vital role when we opened six additional locations. Families familiar with our solid reputation for high-quality care and education had no hesitation in choosing us for the well-being and development of their little ones.


“To Provide All-Inclusive, Quality Care and Education For Young, Bright Minds”
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